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Cloudstratus W

At Running Science we believe strongly in the value of consultation, specialist fitting and sharing our wealth of advice and knowledge in the shoe buying process. 

We don`t believe that there are tools available to us which allow us to extend that service in an online world in a way that we are happy with so for now if you need new running shoes we need to see you in our store at 186 Victoria Road


On Cloudstratus - Women's Navy/dust


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Maximum cushioning with added support.

Double Your Run

CloudTecR delivers the ultimate cushioning experience with double layers in the On Cloudstratus. This high energy return foam delivers maximum cushioning while staying responsive. It offers additional support that doesn't stifle speed with a 'light and bouncy' feel.

Dual CloudTeclayers

Two layers of HelionTM work squentially for enhanced vertical and horizontal cushioning. Connected forefoot Cloud elements distribute pressure as your foot lands, keeping you in control during the powerful push off as the SpeedboardTM drives you forwards. Less impact, more running.

Asymmertical Upper

The anatomically engineered mesh upper is made asymmetrical with movement in mind. Soft and strong, optimised for comfort and breathable for airflow. The star lacing confirguration recruits more mesh from the shoe flank, wrapping the foot for a secure fit and supporting your natural motion. But this system is adapative for different fits. Where your foot flexes, the shoe flexes too.

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