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Running Science Run Groups: 

We believe strongly in the value of humans running regularly together. Scientific studies have shown that the group training effect has remarkable outcomes in building better runners. 

We bring three elements to our new run groups that have equal importance

1. Community - Running together as a group and discovering new friends with likeminded goals and interests

2. Consistency - We know that running consistently brings about significant improvements and injury resiliance. Our goals are to get you running regualry, happily and injury free

3. Focus on you  - We realise everyone is very different and have designed systems to make sure that we are looking after every one`s individual running needs

 Our Coaching team

Head Coach-Jacko Read his Bio here (supported by the wider RS team)

Adam and Fletch will also be there to support and take the session sometimes. 



To register:

1. Download the relevant app

2. Sign up /register

3. Then enter in Fletch@runningscience.com.au as the trainers address. 

4. You will then get an email in the back-end and will set you all up. 

5. You will then be able to go in and book sessions

6. Once we have converted you to a client in the back end you will get an email.

7. Then go back into the app and you can book sessions in there 

8. This will be easier once we have a dedicated IOS and Android app set up. 


Download the IPhone

or Android App


Session Types

1. Type: Anaerobic/Interval session

  A) Tuesday Evening 6.30pm sharp

  B)  Thursday morning 5.45am sharp


Science stuff: This is short-lasting, high-intensity activity, where your body's demand for oxygen exceeds the oxygen supply available. Anaerobic exercise relies on energy sources that are stored in the muscles and, unlike aerobic exercise, is not dependent on oxygen from (breathing) the air.

The fun stuff: This is designed to challenge your current fitness levels and help you improve your running at greater speeds than you are used to

About you: If this is a new type of training for you please consider booking in a coach’s catch up here as this can put a lot of new loads on your body systems.

Where: Glover Street Oval, Lilyfield (lots of parking available)

When: 5.45am sharp

What to Bring: Please bring a head torch, a water bottle and a warm jumper. 


2. Type: Aerobic Session/Long Slow Easy run

 Sunday morning Meet at the shop at 5.55am sharp (shop will be closed) 

Science stuff: is sometimes known as "cardio"-exercise that requires pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen to working muscles. Aerobic exercise stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to increase in a way that can be sustained for the a longer time

The fun stuff: This is hosted run where we will have pace groups set up to suit everyone.

            6 minute pace, 5.45 pace, 5.30 pace and 5-5.5 pace

About you: This is a slow easy long run. No-one gets left behind and no one runs on their own. This will be facilitated by our coach and our run leaders. We will also ask that the community helps out where required.

Where: There will be 4 different long runs of 20 kilometres approx. (For longer or shorter runs we will suggest add ons or early turnarounds). Each run will be displayed here.

When: 5.55am sharp at the Running Science shop

What to Bring: Yourself and water (although we will plan water stops) and foods depending on your training habits and requirements.