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We are excited to announce a new service to our growing list of offerings. Mike, who has been a long time employee of Running Science, has now taken up the role of Running Science coach. 

Bringing significant experience in coaching through his work with RunLab Mike is developing a keen coaches eye and is also undergoing a significant amount of training and upskilling in advanced level Running Coaching protocols through Athletics New South Wales.

Being an avid runner himself Milke understands the needs and demands of the body and the mind in his never ending quest to become a better runner. These learnings, together with his PT and massge therapist qualifications means that along with this experience he brings a signifiount of body knowledge and expertise. 

A list of our services is as follows

- Running assessments (in conjunction with Phil de Mestre the RS podiatrist)

- Individual running programs for your target event
- Strength Programs to help with running injury prevention
- One on one running coaching (technique focus)
- One on one strength coaching (run specific)
- Race day preparation

All runners can benefit from getting their running assessed and learn about their running and body. Identifying imbalances in the body or faults in running technique can help you to become a more efficient and hopefully injury free runner.

Our Coach



Mike Engelsman is a runner, running coach, personal trainer and massage therapist. He takes a great interest in injuries (he has quite some experience), injury prevention, injury management and how to stay active and strong when injured. In any case of niggles or injury, Mike will work together with Phil and any your own physiotherapist, chiropractor or any other health professional. As a runner/coach/PT and massage therapist Mike has a pretty good idea of the effects training can have on the body. This knowledge helps with proper programming a combination of running, strength and rest.


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Diploma in Fitness
  • Athletics NSW Level 2 Intermediate recreational running coach
  • Certificate IV in remedial massage
  • Diploma in remedial massage (ongoing)