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We believe strongly in the value of humans running regularly together. Scientific studies have shown that the group training effect has remarkable outcomes in building better runners. 

We bring three elements to our new run groups that have equal importance

1. Community - Running together as a group and discovering new friends with likeminded goals and interests

2. Consistency - We know that running consistently brings about significant improvements and injury resiliance. Our goals are to get you running regualry, happily and injury free

3. Focus on you  - We realise everyone is very different and have designed systems to make sure that we are looking after every one`s individual running needs

Our Coaching team

Head Coach-Jacko "YEOW"

Mel Simpson - "Every Little Bit Counts"

Steve Gilbert - The Ultra Beast!

Bron Amy - 2018 Winner of Adelaide Half Marathon

Geln Oz - The French Man!

Michael Ho - 2:30 Marathoner


To register:

1. Download the relevant app

2. Sign up /register

3. And follow the steps


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Session Types

Type: Anaerobic/Interval session

  A) Tuesday Mornng 5:45am sharp (Glover Street Oval)

  B) Tuesday Evening 6:30pm sharp (Timbrell Park)

  C) Thursday Morning 5.45am sharp (King George Oval)

  D) Thursday Evening 6:30pm sharp (Sydney Olympic Park)


Science stuff: This is short-lasting, high-intensity activity, where your body's demand for oxygen exceeds the oxygen supply available. Anaerobic exercise relies on energy sources that are stored in the muscles and, unlike aerobic exercise, is not dependent on oxygen from (breathing) the air.

The fun stuff: This is designed to challenge your current fitness levels and help you improve your running at greater speeds than you are used to

About you: If this is a new type of training for you please consider booking in a coach’s catch up here as this can put a lot of new loads on your body systems.

What to Bring: Please bring a head torch, a water bottle and a warm jumper.