Fletch – Running Science director

Jacko – Head Coach

“You want it? Work for it.” – Coach Jacko

About –I’ve helped develop Running Science training since 2016. I am a level 2 accredited run coach with ANSW and full time primary school teacher at Leichhardt Public School. Living in Coogee my running hotspots are The Bay, Centennial Park and Coogee to Bondi walk.

Run history – Completed my first official race of 14k, City 2 Surf in 2009 in a time of 1.27.15 starting at the back of the pack. Last year I finished that same race in 52.48 from the preferred athletes at the front. If you asked me in 2009 if I would be running as much or as fast as I do today I would laugh at you, but with a good community, attitude and drive I believe anyone can be a runner.

The why – Ibelieve that running and lifestyle go hand in hand, fitting your program to your work, family and other commitments is crucial. A balance is needed but of course some things may need to be dropped, it all depends on how much you want it. Running can’t just be a hobby or a one off, it needs to become a consistent part of who you are. Consistency is key to training and results, patchy training is a recipe for injury.

Top 3 tips

  • Find a run buddy or group. The push and positivity is great for training.
  • Always have a goal race / time / distance. That carrot at the end of all your training.
  • Take the good with the bad. Rain doesn’t hurt, early mornings can be hard and injuries come with the territory. Smile, recover, cross train and keep moving!

Coach Jackos top stats:

Rhodes 5km parkrun 2018 – 17.36

Sydney Striders 10km Homebush 2017 – 36.48

Goldcoast Marathon 42.2km 2018 – 2.57.36

UTA100 2017 – 13.25.06

GNW100 miler – 35.11.00Next goal…. UTMB100 miler 2019

Mel Simpson

“Every little bit counts.” – Coach Mel

About –I joined the Running Science team in 2018and am a level 2 accredited Run Coach with ANSW, accredited and registered Personal Trainer with Fitness Australia and full time Marketing Manager in the banking industry. Living in Sydney, I love the variety of run tracks available from The Bay Run, Centennial Park and Bondi to Coogee walk to venturing out of town to the Blue Mountains.

Run history –In 2009 I competed in my first official race in the Gold Coast half marathon, finishing in a time of 1.45.13 which really prompted my love for running and the challenge it brings. I am proud of the goals I achieved in 2017 – completing my first ultra UTA100 in 15.56.55 and a marathon personal best at Sydney Marathon in a time of 3.10.50.

The why –I believe there is long term value and benefit to being physically active – for both your body and mind. Running is one of the main ways I stay active for many reasons – helps to clear the mind, gives me a challenge with the goals I set and aim to achieve, a way for me to socialise and meet friends, a way to explore new places (sightjogging is a thing!) andthat post session endorphin feeling. I really enjoy coaching and motivating people – if there is such a thing as endorphins by osmosis I certainly feel it with the sessions I’ve coached while on a short running hiatus.

Top 3 tips

  • Have a goal: This helps to focus your training and not get side tracked, understanding what is the main goal or ‘A race’ – those other shiny metals are great and can form part of your training but remember to stay focused.
  • Race day conditions are unknown: Unless it’s hailing outside train in all conditions. You never know what Mother Nature will do on the morning of the race.
  • Be proud of yourself no matter what: You can put the hardwork and effort in to achieve your goal but sometimes you just don’t get there…we’ve all been there but be proud of the fact that you gave it your all, there are things you can learn from it and apply in future.

Coach Mel top stats:

Sydney Trail Spring Series 10km 2016: 1st place

City2Surf 14km 2016: 56.13

Sydney Marathon 42.2km 2017:3.10.50

UTA100 2017:15.56.55

Next goal…. Get back into the running post baby

Michael Ho

About Me

I’m an Inner West localoften seen plodding around the Bay Run and CBD.

After four good years of racing (2014-17), I’ve shifted my focus away from chasing illusive Personal Bests (PBs) to simply staying fit and socialising.

Run History

I started running in 2011 because I was growing bored of soccer and a doctor told me I was ‘overfat’. I started at 5k – a struggle – and eventually built into a 3 day a week routine. Inevitably, the competitive and social element of running took hold.

I have since completed many fun runs from the 5k to 42.2k distance. My first marathon was Melbourne 2012 (2:52). Since then, I’ve completed another either including three in 2016: Canberra (2:29), M7 Marathon (2:33), Melbourne (2:32). I’ve taken a (temporary) break from marathons but no doubt will return in the future. For now, 10k and 21.1k is my distance.

Running Advice

My philosophy is to enjoy running as a hobbyand stay uninjured. Other tips include:

Think long-term, not just the next race;
Build a consistent base of fitness before ramping up speedwork;
Marathon template: 100k per week, 1 long run (30k), 1 speed session, lots of sleep.

Coach Hoeytop stats

Half Marathon PB: 71:04 (9th, SMH Half 2017)

Marathon PB: 2:29 (2nd, Canberra 2016)

Steve Gilbert


I have been working in the field of sport and exercise science through the last 10 years. Having completed more studying on this subject than I care to remember, I now work as a lecturer and researcher in this area. I have been fortunate to work with everyone from elite athletes through to chronically ill clinical patients, conducting physiological testing, leading exercise training and providing scientific support. Much of my recent work has focused on investigating the benefits of increasing physical activity for people who are not regularly active.

Running history

I originally got into running as a means of training for football (soccer). In the years since, the ball has disappeared and the mileage has gone up as my enjoyment of running has continued to grow. This has led to me taking part in events of all distances, from city tower stair-climb races, to local Parkruns, city half-marathons, mountain marathons and ultra trail races. Running has become more than just an excuse to be competitive however.Running now meansfreedom, a challenge, a community, a chance to explore, and probably above all else, fun.

Coaching with Running Science

As a coach at Running Science I hope to be able to share some of my passion for running working with runners of all different levels. I would hope we can offer support, guidance and encouragement to everyone from experienced athletes, to those just taking their first steps in the sport. Whether you want to get faster, stronger, fitter, healthier, or to just enjoy a run out with some friendly like-minded people, I hope we can provide a session that’ll work for you.

Supported by

The wider team including Run Leaders, Mentors and Gurus!

My team has a blend of running expertise, exercise science, exercise physiology, shoe mechanics/engineering and teaching! Between us we have various tertiary qualifications and a massive bundle of enthusiasm that centres on running and the science of it all.

We want to help our runners develop their running, reduce injury risks and increase performace and even have a little bit of fun in the process.