StrideRM Anti Blister Powder

Protect your feet from foot blisters with a powder that reduces friction.


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Foot Blister Protection | Anti-Friction Powder

Why not select a powder for foot blister protection?

Ultra Pace Anti Friction Foot Powder provides three way protection from foot blisters. It contains a unique blend of talc with technically advanced ingredients (polyethylene, PTFE, and synthetic wax), and zinc coated talc.

The talc provides good lubrication and protection from the discomfort caused by moisture and heat. The technical ingredients reduce the frictional forces and increase adherence, while the zinc oxide coated talc deodorises your feet while contributing to the lubrication.

You should apply Ultra Pace Anti Friction Foot Powder directly to your dry feet, especially between the toes and onto those areas subject to rubbing, and, for extra protection, you should add a generous quantity of powder to, and disperse through, your socks before fitting.

By reducing frictional forces and heat generation when your foot strikes the ground, the powder will make your feet feel drier and more comfortable for longer and protect your feet from blister formation.

Striderm recommends that you apply Ultra Pace Anti Friction Foot Powder whenever you expect your feet to be exposed to blister forming frictional forces, e.g., when you run or cycle without socks in events such as triathlons; on training runs and walks; before endurance events such as half marathons, marathons; trail running & walking; hiking & trekking; in the workplace; anytime you wear footwear without socks.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you select a powder (i.e., Striderm Ultra Pace Anti Friction Foot Powder) for protection from foot blisters?

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