Xtenex X200 Laces

Xtenex Laces

Xtenex Laces are the best elastic laces in the world and are popular with professional athletes; from golfers to distance runners to triathletes.




Xtenex laces are also are perfect for anyone who wears casual shoes, senior shoes, orthopedic shoes, medical shoes, diabetic shoes, children’s shoes and everyone else in between. Choose from the styles listed below to find the best lace to fit your shoes.

The X200 series fit slightly smaller shoe eyelet sizes than the X300; such as traditional golf shoes, orthopaedic shoes, youth and women’s sport shoes

The X300 series is our most popular and universal style. It fits the majority of shoe types such as athletic, casual, and children’s shoes.

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Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Royal Blue


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