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Revvies Tropical Hit

A caffeine hit without the extras


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Many sports supplements may provide caffeine but because they are tied in with either calories or fluids, how and when you get your caffeine boost may be reliant on other factors. For instance, for an athlete competing in an event which makes it impossible to carry fluids or food, their only previous choice was to have their caffeine prior to the start. Revvies Strips make it possible to have a caffeine boost when it suits you – they do not require fluid for ingestion and are sugar free. Plus they are portable making them convenient in many situations.

While caffeine has been shown over many years to boost athletic performance, the mechanisms by which this occurs have been less well understood. The most likely explanation upon by experts is that caffeine reduces the perception of effort and fatigue, helping athletes push harder for longer and with a reduced feeling of pain. Aside from this obviously being of benefit to endurance athletes, athletes in sports that demand high levels of skills and tactics benefit from the improved ability to concentrate and stay alert.

Revvies also offers elite athletes peace of mind regarding the safety and purity of its products through its accreditation with the Informed-Sport  program. As a requirement of the program every batch of Revvies is tested in the LGC world class laboratory for WADA banned substances. Our accreditation was just the second achieved by an Australian company and is another demonstration of our commitment to providing a safe, high quality product to all our customers.


Here are 5 benefits which may occur when using caffeine in sports.

  • Reduced perception of effort and fatigue
  • Push harder for longer
  • Improving recovery process
  • Boost your ability to concentrate
  • Increase your endurance capacity

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