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Our weekly run club happens from our shop at 5.55am. It`s a free social easy run around the bay and is on rain hail or shine. We provide tips and advice to our runners along with some free products and prizes from time to time.

We cater for all abilities and have groups running at 6 minute pace, 5.45 minute pace and 5 minute pace. We are constantly expanding our groups so if you are interested in being a pace leader get in touch via the group link below. 

Join our Facebook closed group to stay in touch. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1511510265812767/

Running Partners

Boobs on the Run

I'm not a runner...I'm not fit...I can't do it!"
If this sounds like you, then this is the course to help you
Get Running! Stay Running and Keep Running
As well as a fully guided 10 week running course, you will have access to our physios at iMove Physiotherapy, our clinical nutritionist at Nourishing Pantry, our chiropractor at Unwind Chiropractic and special offers and advice from our running specialist, Running Science and of course access to all our run leaders!. You also help a local cancer charity in the process as $10 of each course will be donated.
Book your space now with www.boobsontherun.com

Up and Running

Eastern Sydney

This group are a specialist kids coaching group. Headed by Jordan Williams this group provides a supportive environment with a very skilled coaching pedigree. Technique, agility and raceday performance are all part of a well crafted structured training program.

If there is anything else specific just call up and ask a staff member, phone (02) 9810 0032