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Run with Us

You don’t need to be a runner to join us. We welcome people of all abilities with varying motivations.

Maybe you are training to get fit and improve your health, for the next start line, to keep up with the kids or just for the fun of it - we invite you to come down and join us.

runrFIT Sessions:

  • Are designed to challenge and improve your current fitness levels
  • Improve your running abilities with sessions and coaches encouraging you to run at greater speeds than you may be used to
  • Based around group training – we start and finish together
  • Aim to motivate you to achieve your goal
  • Provide you with a running community to connect with

Membership Pricing

To help you work out which runrFIT membership is the best option for you, just check out the table below.


Drop In

11 Package Membership
Includes 10% RS shoe discount and 10% Runners Clinic discount
Monthly Membership
Includes 20% RS shoe discount and 15% Runners Clinic discount and 1 x free RS shirt or singlet and socks/year.

*Membership costs stated are inclusive of Stripe and card scheme (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) fees.

Monthly Membership: This membership saves you money on your sessions, running shoes and Runners Clinic with unlimited access to runrFIT sessions for a 1 month period, 20% discount on up to 2 pairs of shoes per 12 month period, 15% discount off our Runners Clinic and 1 x free RS shirt or singlet and socks per year. $60

11 Pack Membership: Ideal for those that can join us sporadically. This membership still saves you money on your sessions with 6 months to use up all your sessions and includes 10% discount on up to 2 pairs of shoes per 12 month period and 10% discount off our Runners Clinic. $120

Drop In Pass: Access to our sessions for one run with no commitment. $13.50


  • Tuesday AM & Thursday AM – King George Park
  • Tuesday PM & Wednesday PM – Bay Run Bench, King George Park
  • Friday Run Club – Running Science Store
What to bring: Please bring a head torch, a water bottle and a warm jumper


  1. Download the app from either Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Sign up / register
  3. Choose your membership (under packages) and select your session (under classes)

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runrFIT Time Table


AM runrFIT


King George Park

PM runrFIT


Bay Run Bench
(King George Park)


AM runrFIT


Bay Run Bench (King George Park)


AM runrFIT


King George Park


Free Social Shop Run


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runrFIT Cancellation Policy

Session passes and memberships: Passes and memberships cannot be refunded or transferred.

runrFIT Conditions

If you book a session online and cancel within a 2 hour period, a refund will not be provided. All passes are non-transferable.

11 Pack Membership: 6 month expiry from date of purchase. Members who purchase an 11 Pack Membership are entitled to 10% discount on up 2 pairs of shoes per 12 month period, and 10% discount off Running Science Runners Clinic.

Monthly membership: Payment must be made upfront. Minimum 1 month contract with 1 month expiry from date of purchase.  Members on a Monthly Membership are entitled to 20% discount on up to 2 pairs of shoes purchased at Running Science per 12 month period, 1 set of Running Science race kit (shirt or singlet, and socks) per 12 month period and 15% discount off Running Science Runners Clinic.

The issuing of any and all session passes to runners is fully at the discretion of Running Science. Sessions can be cancelled and withdrawn at any time and without notice. In this instance, any reasonable refund for remaining session credits will be offered.

Online Transactions

By completing online transactions you agree to pay the following applicable fees which are included in the membership fee.

Stripe Payment System fee of 1.75% + $1.10 via Visa/ MasterCard/Amex fee and understand that ‘Fitter4Life’ will appear on your bank statement as the payment reference.