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Salomon Womens Lightning Pro Jacket

You're into a demanding sport - be demanding with your gear. The LIGHTNING PRO WP JACKET is the minimalist protective layer that ticks all your boxes for technical trails. Any weather is play weather. Stay dry, stay fresh, run light... Don't just go far, go farther.


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Breathable Protection

The Pertex® Shield + microporous fabric is your bad weather ally - it nails the challenge of being both 20K/20K waterproof AND breathable.

Ease of motion

MotionFit construction means this jacket has analyzed your every move and is all set to follow, however far you reach, however tough the ride. It knows no strain. And it's so light you'll forget it's there.


Keep your body dry, keep your pack dry: this jacket is designed to fit over it. And when the sun comes out, the chest pocket beckons - pack it, stow it and enjoy the rays.

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