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The reason we have set up our web-store is to enable our customers to get a convenient access to a plethora of things that add value to their running experiences. This includes, but is not limited to, best in class wearables, watches, socks, nutrition and technical clothing. There are many more things to come some of which will be exclusive to market.

You may notice that selling running shoes, which we are pretty famous for, is NOT included in that list.

WHY I hear you ask?

At Running Science we believe strongly in the value of consultation, specialist fitting and sharing our wealth of advice and knowledge in the shoe buying process.

We don`t believe that there are tools available to us which allow us to extend that service in an online world in a way that we are happy with so for now if you need new running shoes we need to see you in our store at 186 Victoria Road

Enjoy your shopping experience and please let us know if there is anything you would like us to stock that you can't currently get your hands on.

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