Trail running is about going off road and track and exploring the outdoors through fire trails, rocky terrain, sand dunes and beaches to cliff-tops and single trail bushland. And just like road running it is important to be fitted into the right shoes.

Ready to take things off road? We’re Sydney’s trail running shoe specialists, let us help you get there!


Trail running shoes are just like road running shoes – pieces of rubber, plastic, foams of different densities and thicknesses. They do tend to have more durable upper materials, traction, varying degrees of rough outer soles and some may feature waterproof membranes. However, like all shoes they DO NOT adapt, they DO wear down. They are an unnatural addition to the human body and affect the way a body moves.

The shoes you choose for trail running depends on the surface you plan on running as well as the runner – sometimes a road shoe may be more suitable than a trail shoe. And as always – it’s important to prioritise the needs of a runner over a terrain.

At Running Science we can help you find the right shoe with over 17 years’ experience our team include Physio students, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, experienced runners and coaches. We have a significant Podiatry input into all our shoe selections and further provide regular ongoing training for our staff.


Using a vast amount of combined clinical and running experience, at your comprehensive shoeFIT at Running Science we will:

  1. Discuss your running behaviour to understand you. When, how often and for how long you have been running as well as the type of terrain and trails you plan on adventuring to.
  2. Delve into your shoe wearing history and what happens to your shoes when you run in them (this is important).
  3. Take time to understand your injury history or lack thereof along with any injury propensity or predisposition and importantly, we will go through your running goals.
  4. Select some shoes based on the information gathered that will fit the bill and go through a fitting process with you to assess:
    • Fit
    • Feel
    • Comfort
    • How you move in the different shoes
    • How they have compared to previous shoes you have worn.

The rest is up to you. How you feel in a shoe is very important to help us complete the picture. We will ask you that a lot during the process to help us evaluate the suitability and help you feel comfortable in what we decide is right for you.

The service is included with the intention of purchase and the price of our footwear is approximately recommended retail price. If you do not want to buy shoes but would like some advice about something, please give us a call first.

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