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About Running Science

Our mission at Running Science is to create lifelong runners. Whether that’s through providing the right shoes for your running stage, offering services to treat and prevent injuries or fostering a community centred around the same interest – a love of running! As a service-based business, we stand behind the shoes we fit and we truly believe that anyone can be a runner. Welcome to the Running Science community!



You can only get a properly fitted shoe if you try them on in person. Our experienced shoe fitters  recommend models based on your individual needs. With hundreds of models from popular brands in stock, you’ll always get the best fit.

Sports Podiatry

Our team treats chronic and acute conditions in both adults and children. We keep our community running, our customers exercising and our patients in the best shape they can be.

Sports Physiotherapy

Our clinic is open to all ages and abilities, to help you perform your best in your exercise of choice. We provide treatments for injury management, injury prevention and performance optimisation.

Running Technique Assessment

Improve the way you run and reduce injury risk with this specialised service. Our clinicians have spent over a decade fine-tuning their skills in running technique analysis.

Moon Boot Fitting

We provide acute lower-limb rehabilitation services, including moon boot supply (with warranty), fitting and ongoing treatments for many conditions.

Athletics Coaching

Athletics coaching is for anyone, from beginners to elite athletes, who want to have fun getting faster and experience how regular, intelligently designed, consistent training can lead to improvement.

runrFIT Social

runrFIT offers group-based running coaching for all levels, with an inclusive program that empowers members to improve their endurance, speed and strength so they can achieve results when racing.


Why choose us?

Our service-centred ethos is at the core of everything we do. We started Running Science to service the Inner West and help the community become healthier, more connected and more aware. Our dedicated staff are athletes and runners themselves, who understand the importance of getting you back on your feet faster and stronger than before.

We’re a fully service-orientated business that puts the customer’s interests firmly in the number one position. After living through a pandemic (where we were open every day), a significant bushfire season and a hugely disruptive road construction project in front of our shop, we’ve developed a unique perspective on how to keep ourselves and our customers healthy.

We keep our community running, our customers exercising and our patients in the best shape they can be.