Fletch – Business Owner & shoeFITTR

In 2014 Fletch ditched the corporate world to follow his dream of working in the health industry. When Running Science went up for sale he knew it was a sign – it was where he bought his first pair of running shoes in Australia. The business has gone from strength to strength since then, gaining a reputation for its integrity and unmatched knowledge on specialised shoe fitting. 

Just like the Irish stereotype, Fletch enjoys nothing more than a good ol’ yarn. He also impresses customers and colleagues alike by his “elephant memory” as he remembers minute details about people, which comes in handy for the shoeFIT process!

Fletch has conquered many endurance events such as triathlons, 100 kilometre runs and an ironman. Now with four young children, Fletch enjoys a slow(ish) pace of life and spends time digitally creating music. His music taste ranges from classical to rap and our shop playlist reflects this… much to the dismay of the rest of us.

Phil - Sports Podiatrist

Phil has been consulting as a qualified clinician since 2007 and has been running our Clinic since its inception. In addition, he consults as a Sports Podiatrist at the highly regarded North Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, liaising with some of the best Sports Physicians in the country.

This Aussie loves running and is a self-confessed running footwear nerd; he has notched up a 2hr47 marathon and 77min half marathon. Phil hopes to one day compete in the London Marathon, which he was training hard for before 2020 hit!

When he’s not busy teaching you strength exercises or dropping a ridiculously dry joke, Phil will be wearing his sunnies at the beach with his wife and two young children.

Pablo - shoeFIT Caddie

The newest addition to the Running Science Team, Pablo is an enthusiastic international student from Colombia. Pablo travelled to Sydney in 2016 to study Biomedical Engineering at UTS and is now pursuing a masters degree in Engineering Science. He has a deep passion for biomechanics and the human body… so he fits in rather well here at Running Science.

When he’s not smiling in the shop or teaching us un poco de español, you’ll find Pablo in scuba diving gear exploring the waters of Sydney.