Running Technique Assessments

Achieve your running goals

Our signature service in our clinic is our running technique assessment. This is a specialised service with a view to improve the way you run and reduce injury risk. Our clinicians have spent over a decade fine tuning their skills in running technique analysis. They have helped thousands of runners run pain-free and achieve their goals.

Who can benefit from a running assessment?

All levels of runners, from beginners to elite, injured or non-injured can benefit from a running assessment.

Non-injured runners can focus on efficiency in their running form, with a view to improve performance and prevent injury. Are you injured, or do you have medical history to consider? It’s crucial for these runners to have their running analysed. There are various ways to run to reduce load on injured structures to improve recovery and reduce pain.

Any changes to technique must be done carefully and with professional guidance to prevent overload of other structures.

What happens during a running assessment?

If you’re new to the clinic, we’ll perform an initial thorough physical assessment. Our clinician will then observe your running from multiple angles, using video analysis and slow-motion. Appropriate cues and advice on your technique are then implemented.

What will be covered in a running assessment?

Things that may be discussed include: foot strike, posture, overstriding, leg swing, cadence, vertical oscillation and more.

Injuries are often present in runners, and are taken into consideration when given technique advice. Your clinician may also suggest a separate injury assessment consultation if required.