shoeFIT Service

shoeFIT Service

Q. I’m not a runner! Do you only offer running shoes?
A. Not at all. Our shoes can be used for walking and/or running (as well as general use). What is “a runner” anyway?
Q. What is the cost of a fitting?
A. There is no cost for a fitting, however, our shoeFIT service is offered to individuals who have the intention of purchasing new shoes.
Q. How much do a pair of shoes cost?
A. Our shoes vary in price; however, the cost does not exceed $300.
Q. How long does a shoeFIT take?
A. Approximately 30 minutes.
Q. I just want the same shoe as before, do I still need a fitting?
A. Yes – you do. There can be many factors that affect the suitability of a shoe for an individual. In the interest of reducing any risk, we recommend you book an appointment and pop in for another fitting.
Q. What brands of shoe do you stock?
A. We have a variety of different shoe brands – Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizuno, New Balance, On-Running… to name a few.
Q. I really like a particular shoe brand. Can you recommend shoes exclusively from that brand for me?
A. We don’t have brand bias. We like to consider each model of shoe off its own merit and its suitability for the individual. We encourage you to do the same!
Q. Do you offer trail shoes?
A. Yes – we do!
Q. Do you offer track spikes?
A. Yes – we do!

runrCLINIC Service

Q. I’m not a runner! Do I need to be a runner to use this service?
A. Not at all. This service is available to everyone.
Q. Should I only book a runrCLINIC consultation if I’m currently injured?
A. No! Our runrCLINIC also helps those taking a proactive approach to their fitness.
Q. How long does a consultation take?


  • Running Assessment Technique Consultation: 50 minutes
  • Orthotic Fit Consultation: 20 minutes
  • All other: 40 minutes