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“Building Better Runners”

At Running Science we believe human beings are designed wonderfully to run. Sometimes due to lifestyle or various factors this can be difficult to do injury free.
We arm ourselves with the knowledge and products to do everything we can to help our customers improve their running.

An in-store runners clinic means you can arm yourself with up-to-date advice and treatment to support you running at your very best, injury free.

“Enabling people to be better runners is a passion of mine. I believe running is the most natural way to move and we are all perfectly designed to do just that. Running Science helps all it`s customers begin running, run healthily, run faster, run more consistently or just simply run. I am honoured to be part of the Running Science history and more importantly excited to take it to the next level” — Jonathan Fletcher, Running Science owner.


Running Science is a service orientated running retail store that operates from Rozelle, Sydney. EST 2003 by 2 of Sydney`s leading sports podiatrists.

In the last two years our team has evolved. We are first and foremost athletes who understand how to run both very long and very short distances with everything in between. We also possess a combination of bio-mechanics expertise along with extensive knowledge of shoe engineering principles.

What we do best is bring the optimum combination of running shoes, strength programming/injury prevention and performance improvement consultations.

Being the best in the business doesn`t come easy and constant training and staying up to date on the latest footwear and evidence in running related biomechanics keeps us on point every time.


Jonathan "Fletch" Fletcher – Owner, Running Coach and Shoe expert

In 2014 Irish expat Jonathan Fletcher, known to all as “Fletch”, ditched the corporate world to follow his dream of working in the running industry. When Running Science went up for sale he knew it was a sign – it was where he bought his first pair of running shoes in Australia. With the support of his wife and business partner, Lorna, they decided to go all in. The two of them haven’t looked back. The business has gone from strength to strength and is expanding its services and product rang constantly. 

Fletch is also a bona fide “Endurance Sports” enthusiast and has successfully conquered all sorts of races including Ironman, numerous triathlons and 100 kilometre events. He is eager to help all runners – from beginner to endurance to elite – achieve their goals.

Phil de Mestre – Sports Podiatrist and Gun Runner

Phil has been Running Science’s resident podiatrist since 2012. He possesses a strong personal interest in running and is himself a competitive distance runner. This gives him valuable insight into the diagnosis and prompt treatment of the runners he sees, whether they be a competitive athlete, or weekend warrior.
He possesses a Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatry and has competed in numerous fun runs with recent times of 53 and 82 mins in the City to Surf and Sydney Half Marathon respectively. Phil loves to train in the evenings and is also a keen golfer. 

Steve – Sales and Operations (AKA the Big Marn)

Steve is relatively new to running, coming from an international rowing background, he is discovering how deep into the pain cave he can go with running and loving it!! With a bachelor of sport science and 4 years experience at running science, he believes training hard and recovering with a nice cold vb is essential for living a long and fulfilled life, not to mention a good pair (or more) of running shoes!!! 

Pat – Sales Assistant and Running Coach (AKA Patty)

Pat is a running junkie. From a junior track athlete in his schooling days, he has completed road races and marathons all around Australia but his heart lies in the trails, having run several off-road ultramarathons and with his sights set on a few big ones in 2017. Paddy has a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and is currently studying for his Doctor of Physiotherapy. Patrice is also a running coach, and he rocks an awesome head of hair that hasn’t been cut since 2011. Patdog rates the Six Foot Track marathon as his favourite race, and believes in a good cold froth after a long run.

Beth – Sales Assistant and gun tri-athlete (AKA Betho)

Before working at Running Science Beth was a swim teacher. Her goals for this year are to compete in Tough Mudder for a second time as well as run the City 2 Surf. She has a Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science and enjoys everything to do with soccer.

Ben – Sales Assistant and Running Shoe geek

Ben is the team geek, having recently completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering with Honours in Running Shoe Design.  In 2014, when he started studying the effects of running shoes on biomechanical efficiency, he also began barefoot running; Ben loves irony.  He is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science with the hope of eventually undertaking a Master of Physiotherapy.

Chris 'Jacko' Jackson – Coach

Jacko is a full time school teacher, full time runner and is now a part time running coach for Running Science. With 16 marathons under the belt including 3 world majors he comes with a variety of running experience both on and off the road. He believes that if you want it you need to work for it, and once you have it you'll want more! Running is not just about hitting the pavement everyday, its the people, places and experiences you have along the way. Also... chicks dig fit guys... right? #stillsingle.

Jackie Areson - Sales Assistant/Elite 5,000 metre runner

Jackie has travelled around the world to live and to compete. She has competed all over the world and been a finalist in 2 world championships for athletics. Running the 3000m in Istanbul at the indoor world champs in 2011 for the USA and then the 5000m at the 2013 outdoor world champs for Australia. She is a dual citizen: grew up in Hong Kong, lived 15 years in America, before moving to Australia in 2014. She has helped coach at the University level in America, in addition to school aged children in Queensland and has a passion for anything running, biomechanics, running shoes, and the like. Besides running, Jackie loves animals and is an enormous science nerd: having an undergraduate degree in Ecology and Evolution and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Biotechnology.”

Mike – Sales Assistant, Running Coach and technical stuff

Mike has been running for about 10 years and has loved every minute of it (except the periods of injury). He runs everything from 5km to ultra marathons on road or on the trail. On top of that he is an enthausiastic obstacle racer as well. Mike is a qualified personal trainer, running coach is currently studying to become a qualified massage therapist. You'll find him at Running Science to help you or to get a new pair of shoes.

A word of caution: Mike is Dutch, straightforward and will ask you personal questions (running and non-running related), please don't be offended as he hasn't fully intergrated in our society yet.