Welcome to Running Science

Please choose your time to book with one of our professionals. Currently the booking is only in Jonathan Fletchers (Fletch`s) name.

If he is off-site or trying to find the next great new running shoe on the market then one of the team will always be available to take your booking.

Booking is NOT essential however we do recommend it particular at busy times. We also do recommend if you have any questions about our service pop in and chat to us to find out more or please call us on 02-98100032 or the message the Running Science facebook page.

As we encourage walk ins also we may be busy serving someone at the time. We will always do our best to manage everyones expectations as best we can.

*****Please also remember "BRING YOUR OLD SHOES".******

This is is really important as 1) It helps to understand so much about how you have been running and 2) We donate used runners to various charities like Shoes for Planet Earth.