Shoes are pieces of rubber, plastic, synthetics, foams of different densities and thickness. They do not adapt, however, they do wear down. They are an unnatural addition to the human body and they influence the way our bodies move profoundly. Brands reinvent the wheel (or the shoe) continuously – some a lot more than others – leaving us often exposed to the unknown affect of the newest innovated foam and material.

Countless changes can be made to a shoe: the last shape, the fit, the feel, the foam, the bounciness, the stretchiness, the geometry, the stiffness, the bendiness. “Carbon plate” is the new buzz word, nitrogen bubbles can be added, polyurethane improved… the list goes on and on and for better or worse, will continue to change.


Ever since the human body evolved to be bipedal, walking and running has been the most natural form of movement and exercise for us (the Achilles Tendon came in handy too!). Our evolution continues and our understanding on how we have changed and how we will change hasn’t even touched the surface. Even on an individual level, each human being is beautifully unique thanks to genetics and many other factors, but this celebrated fact does nothing to help resolve all the confusion. Paired with the complexities of modern life and ever-changing shoe innovations, finding the appropriate shoes for our own individual body and goals can be a minefield.

The shoe industry is still primarily retail focussed; selling shoes off-the-shelf and online is common practice. Offering a wide-spread solution to a mass of uniquely complex individuals inevitably causes problems.

Wearing appropriately fitted shoes is not a magic wand solution to any fitness or well-being issues, however, the wrong shoe certainly poses risk to your health. Shoes are a small but significant jigsaw piece required for the overall puzzle.

This is where we step in.

Our aim is to help you navigate this minefield and find shoes that will aid your journey towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

During your shoeFIT appointment, you will be teamed with a shoeFITTR who will take you through the fitting process. All of our shoeFITTRs are trained in-house and most are studying or have graduated in an anatomy-related degree (e.g. Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Sport and Exercise Science).

The shoeFITTR will gather as much qualitive data about you in the following areas:

  • Feet
  • Exercise Goals
  • Injury History
  • Shoe History
  • General biomechanics
  • General lifestyle factors

Often, you will be asked to walk or run briefly so your shoeFITTR can note how your body moves. They will also observe your current exercise shoes to note any patterned wearing.

Your shoeFITTR will then offer solutions based on the data gathered during your interaction. Even though we have the knowledge and expertise, we need to understand the sensation and ‘feel’ from you as we take you through the process. Collectively we can work together to find the most appropriate solution for you.

Sound good? Please click and select a time and date for an appointment that you can commit to.

Once you have booked your shoeFIT appointment, there is an option to complete a short form prior to your visit. This form (linked in your appointment confirmation email) provides our shoeFITTRs with further insight about you and your needs and enables a more comprehensive process when you are with us.

For your shoeFIT appointment, you will need:

  • Your current exercise shoe(s)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • An open mind!

All of our shoeFIT services are by appointment only at the moment. This is in place to limit the number of individuals in our shop at any one time and help keep our customers and colleagues safe.

The Running Science team will endeavour to commence our shoeFITs at the booked appointment time as much as possible. Please be aware that the fitting process can be complex and therefore, your appointment or other appointments may run over the allocated 30 minutes from time to time. Running late is still running… right?

If you have any further questions regarding our shoeFIT appointments, please contact us.

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