New mural by artist Scottie Marsh

 As a business owner, I have never been driven by money, power or wealth.

I am driven by adding value to the community of people I work with. For me, one of the most poignant and business-changing events that validated that mantra was something that happened in our local Balmain Fun Run in 2018.

What is the Balmain Fun Run?

First, a bit of background. The Balmain Fun Run is a community fundraising event that brings kids and the community together, for a day of races, activities, food and live music.

At this particular event, the lead-up to the race was unremarkable when compared to how it changed my approach to my business.

The event itself is a masterpiece in community cooperation and showcases what a community can do when they get together for a common goal. Paul Foster, who was an extremely active parent at the local school, was a Master of Ceremonies like no other, despite having his own business and children to raise. Further to that, the local businesses, the school, the Bay Run which we claim as one of the best assets in Australia, and of course the participants on the day, were all actively involved in creating a fantastic atmosphere.

The event

The race began and the runners were off.

Then our MC let out a powerful call that turned the attention of our community to the record holder of the day, coming up to the finish line. It was Arran Keith with his Mum alongside him. He was charging through to the end line with a grit and determination I had never seen before.

This moment and the proceeding interactions with this boy have etched a new pathway in the future of Running Science and redefined what it means for the community. We all witnessed a boy do an incredible thing and we continue to be challenged by how we can bring our services to all customers, regardless of their walk of life or ability.

A bit about Arran

Arran has cerebral palsy and faces challenges daily that put so many things into perspective. On that day, I realised that winning in sport is often only measured by a two-dimensional physical line that is crossed. But during that race, what we measured and congratulated was that this little man had won by a country mile and had brought a community along for the ride.

So with this mural by Australian artist Scott Marsh, we celebrate what Arran, his family and his community are contributing to our society in general. It is time for a wake up call to re-establish what success and winning are really all about.

Owner – Running Science